InterCall Video Conferencing

Have a face-to-face meeting without leaving your office. You can conduct live training sessions, interviews or product launches. Bringing people together for virtual meetings saves time and travel costs and gives your conferences more impact.

Reservationless Video

With Reservationless Video, you get a conference code and PIN, so no reservations are necessary, which gives you a true video-on-demand experience. You also have the ability to control basic conference commands with the touch of a button on your DTMF-enabled video remote control. And the solution can host ISDN, public IP and telephone audio connections.

Video Managed Services

Outsource the management of some or all of your video conferencing services to InterCall. When your organization has their own video conferencing bridges and endpoints, but doesn't have the time or expertise to turn your IT staff into conferencing experts, Video Managed Services can help you get the most out of your investment. By leveraging our experience and expertise you can turn remote management, monitoring, and scheduling over to our certified global video support staff.

Equipment Sales

No matter what your equipment or network requirements are, we can find the right solution for you through our broad network of vendor relationships


Worldwide Public Room Rentals

Make it easy to join a virtual meeting by using our database of more than 9000 public video conference rooms. The rooms are available in almost every major city so you or your client can conduct business without having to spend time and money traveling.